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Dog Saftey Program


The most effective system for preventing dog bites, Dog Training Kerala, Dog Safety Program combines on-site, & in-person employee training. This unique employee training program is helping employers keep their people safe and reduce the costs associated with dog-related injuries.


Dog Training Kerala's Dog Safety Program begins with a two-hour face-to-face session with our behavioural expert Mr.Vineeth. Offering an effective class of theory on kennel communication and the kennel psyche as well as practical safety techniques. The training helps the one who encounter dogs as part of their daily work routines to:

  • Understand how to safely enter an area where dogs are present
  • Recognize the signs of aggression in dogs
  • Recognize and apply canine communication techniques
  • Learn techniques to avoid dog attacks
  • Deal appropriately with dog owners
  • Mitigate or prevent injury in the event of a dog attack

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